Longstanding Tradition of Quality Service

Our company was established in 1975 by Brian Spiwak. Brian started working in his father’s dry cleaners fixing equipment in Los Angeles. He went from working on small appliances to Air Conditioning and heating equipment when he moved to Houston. In 2014 Brian retired from the HVAC industry leaving the company in the hands of Josh Cartwright, who had been working with him prior to his retirement.  Brian is now pursuing his interests in dog training and traveling.

Outdoor unit of a high efficiency air conditioner New Ownership…Same Level of Service

Josh has degrees in general business and finance from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. He worked with Brian after graduating from college while looking for a job in his field. After working a few years in the finance industry, Josh went back to work permanently with Brian at Castle AC & Heating. Josh worked under Brian to get his own HVAC contractor’s license and learned Brian's level of quality service and the investment that he made to the relationships he’s built over the longevity of the company. In 2014, Brian retired leaving the company he founded in the hands of Josh who runs it with the same ethics in place.